Monday, February 29, 2016

Roosevelt Football Coach Erik Link Shares His Vision

Roosevelt Family:

It’s with great excitement, passion, and humility that I introduce myself as the next Head Football Coach. I am truly honored and humbled with the opportunity to be your Head Coach. There is no greater platform to impact lives and a school community. I can assure you that I do not take this responsibility lightly and will work every day to ensure that our young people have a great experience with in our program. It’s my intent to hire a staff that is full with men of a great character and share my passion for positively impacting the lives of young people.

 Our vision is to build a successful football family including administration/faculty, coaches, players, parents, and community members that facilitates the development of young student-athletes in becoming productive students, athletes, and citizens. Our vision encompasses five areas: athletics, academics, team, personal, and societal. We want to prepare, equip, and motivate all student-athletes to win in each of those areas. Our players will strive to make a lasting and measurable difference within the team, their families, and their community. 

Our program motto is simply G.B.E.D. “Get Better Every Day”. We want our student-athletes to find something they can identify each day to improve in or get better at. It’s our belief that if each student-athlete in our program does this, “we” in turn will improve as a Football Family. 

Our program “it’s” for each phase of our program are as follows:
Our offensive “it”: We are a 2-back/play action hurry up no huddle offense that operates at a 2 minute pace the entire game.
Our defensive “it”: We will relentlessly pursue the football for 48 minutes and establish a physical edge for the entire game.
Our Special Teams “it”: Provide the winning edge.
Our Coaches/Players “it”: Develop dynamic and meaningful relationships with one another.
Our Roosevelt Family “it”: Unite as One!

I am very much looking forward to meeting all of you in the very near future. I strongly encourage you to get involved with our football family in any way that you possibly can. Roosevelt has a long tradition of excellence in so many programs and we intend to establish a level of excellence with our football program that everyone in the Roosevelt community can be proud to support.

Go Riders!

Coach Link

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